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Software coding projects:

* JellybeansAT
(Anti Theft software for Windows machines.) W.I.P.

* LAN-Party

(management and organisation.)

Status: Concept + Planning

* GPUpdateforce
Status: Release

My current Testlab Hardware:

It's been a while since i have updated this page and much has changed.

I have swapped my whitebox hardware for a few Dell Poweredge 2950 servers. all of them configured the same way:
Dell Poweredge 2950 Type III
Xeon 5420 quadcore
4x 1Gbit NIC
2x 500GB HDD RAID 1 (OS)
4x 500GB HDD RAID 1+0 (VM's)

I did however needed to change my rack. the new servers did not fit in the old rack.
So i swapped it for a Netapp Server Rack.

Network hardware:

3Com 4800 48 ports Gigabit core switch.
2x Zyxel Zywall USG 100 (Firewall and DMZ) in HA mode.
HP UPS R3000 XR (old one but does the trick nicely) Died on me.
Qnap Security NAS converted to a XPnology NAS.

Here is a picture of the rack:

Currently running:

Hyper-v is running very stable.

Currently testing Hyper-V 2016 / nano on another Dell 2950 and a Dell R410 (still to be upgraded) for my future lab.