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Software coding projects:

* JellybeansAT
(Anti Theft software for Windows machines.) W.I.P.

* LAN-Party

(management and organisation.)

Status: Concept + Planning

* GPUpdateforce
Status: Release

This application is created for sending gpupdate /force to remote LAN computers using WinRM.

This means you will need to create a policy first to enable WinRM on your domain computers.  

see how here

The application uses .Net 4.5 as its base.
It has been tested on Windows Server 2012 R2 / Windows 10/ and Windows server 2016.

See the Changelog below for more info about the versions.

Download v1.0.0.6 here

Download v1.0.0.4 here

Download Delprof2 1.6.0 here

See sourcecode

Changelog v1.0.0.6:

• Fixed status indication animation + enhanced error messages.

•Added new function: It is now possible to send a delprof2 command to remove profiles from the remote computer. Place the delprof2.exe in the Windows folder for it to work correctly. you can download delprof2 from here

• Made the form bigger to compensate with the output text.

• Finally got the time to find a nice icon for the application. this should make it very visible on the desktop.

Changelog v1.0.0.4:

• Status indication animation, Orange is busy, Rood is fout, Groen is klaar! 

• Added error messages.

• Multi threaded