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Added new menu item: Software.

Software coding projects:

* JellybeansAT
(Anti Theft software for Windows machines.) W.I.P.

* LAN-Party

(management and organisation.)

Status: Concept + Planning

* GPUpdateforce
Status: Release

Welcome to Lync-Expert. 

I have decided to use this site as my personal blog.
On this site you will find articles and downloads all IT and Tech related.

I have added a new menu item called Software. In here you will find software that I have created to make my work a lot easier. for some of the applications there will be a full sourcecode available. I am still working on those pages to show it in sourcecode.

This website is currently built in HTML and maintaining it costs much time. therefore I am busy converting it to Wordpress or Joomla based CMS. still deciding. Keep you posted on the progress.
In the meanwhile, enjoy the the page as it is.